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The BBL Show

The BBL Show created by former British Basketball League Professionals Drew Lasker and Jay Marriott started out like most podcasts in 2020, online and over Zoom. Since then the show has developed and grown into a recorded show produced and edited for YouTube. 

I have been producing, shooting and editing the show solo since it began being filmed live. This has been an enormous amount of effort to ensure a quality show with 4 tracks of audio, multiple camera angles, quality lighting and editing. But I am immensely proud of the results so far. The small team behind the show has been able to link with the British Basketball League to bring on board the support of the governing body, with hopes that it will help improve and expand the team of myself, Drew and Jay into a team that can include more camera operators, audio operators, directors and producers to ensure that the best YouTube content possible can be provided to die hard British Basketball fans.

Freelance Video and A2CofC Drone Operator

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