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The name's Jonny Jasper Wong. I began making videos in 2015, when I started university, for the fun of sharing my school rugby tour with friends online. It quickly became an obsession. I made videos of every holiday and trip I went on with friends. Soon clubs and societies at the university who had seen my work started to ask me if I would make videos for them.
I realised that making videos and telling stories was my passion and although I graduated from Loughborough University in 2019 with a BEng in Mechanical Engineering I decided to make the jump to full time freelance in video. By this point I had spent close to 2 years growing a YouTube channel with Conor O'Keefe and also had the
pleasure of regularly working alongside James Poole, getting to know more about the industry which I had hopes of moving into.

The time I have spent making videos for YouTube has been invaluable in allowing me to assist other channels to grow and develop into new business opportunities by creating videos.

My passion for storytelling and creating videos in a way which allows viewers to empathise is something I try to bring to all of my video productions. 

Freelance Video and A2CofC Drone Operator

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