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The Barn Trials 


The Barn Trials is a group of riders in the North of England who ride trials. Trials is often considered an anti-social sport in a similar way to BMX riding or skateboarding. However, unlike these two street sports, trials is less talked about. Why is that? There have been breakthrough riders which star in YouTube videos like Danny Macaskill, but how do riders still manage to get their kicks with little to no funding? This documentary tells the story of how one small community of riders get around this problem to keep the sport they love alive.

The Barn Trials offers a small community of local riders a place to come and experiment with riding limits, sometimes pushing the boundaries. 

This passion project was filmed in 2019 and there are hopes to film a follow-up documentary when the group travels to Barcelona on their annual trip to the trials riding haven. I got amongst the group over a couple of days and interviewed them about their stories in the barn, also handling solo production and videography. Still to this day the interview shots from this project are some of my favourite, managing to keep the natural aesthetic of the environment. Some people may not believe what they can do on bikes. 

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