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Great Big Events - UCI Track Champions League

UCI Track Champions League brings more excitement to track cycling in a new format. In the inaugural year of TCL, I was brought on board the Great Big Events team to film 72 athlete green screen headshots in a 48hr window with delivery in time for Saturday's event. The headshots were then used to announce the riders onto track using projections to fill the boards - for fans in the arena this was a huge spectacle and an opportunity to see the people behind the visors.

In 2022 the event series has grown a huge following within the cycling community. This time with a new editor added to my team, we were able to deliver the headshots again with greater efficiency for Great Big Events. 

It's always a treat to see your work being displayed in a venue and being able to witness the audience's reaction to your work.

UCI TCL London was the final round of the Track Champions League. I was asked to create a new opener to be projected onto the track floor during the opening sequence. This involved implementing broadcast highlights from races the night before into the new opener VT which was done overnight in time for rehearsals the next morning.

Freelance Video and A2CofC Drone Operator

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