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Wedding Stories - Lexy and Jordan

Capturing the special day to remember always. I felt lucky to be able to capture part of Lexy and Jordan's incredible story as they persevered to make their special day happen. Despite Lexy's family being unable to travel from Tennessee and other parts of the world, still they made their dream wedding happen. It was truly special to be able to capture a beautiful day so that family in the USA and abroad could have the opportunity to experience the emotion and the story of the day. 

My goal is always to capture your unique story and for it to be a significant part in retelling the story. I see your wedding video as the opening page of your wedding diary - in the future when you begin recounting your wedding day, I want your video to inspire other memories too and bring to mind other moments. Your wedding video should bring back emotions, make you excited and make you want to grab the photo album to continue reminiscing all the other memories that also happened that day off camera. Unfortunately your wedding video won't be able to show you every second of the day all over again, but it will make you want to sit down and remember everything again with your husband, wife, friends and family.

Everyone's story is special and different. If you are ready to have me capture your unique story on your wedding day then let us get started. 

Freelance Video and A2CofC Drone Operator

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